STC Alternative Healing will be temporarily closed as we finish our licensing process. We hope to open back up on March 1, however issues sometime arise so please check back with us soon.

UPDATE - Unfortunately licensing is taking a bit longer then we would like, we are hoping to have everything completed and be able to open back up by March 31. 

UPDATE 4/2/18  - We have submitted all paperwork needed, we are just waiting to get approved for our temp license, we hope to be able to open sometime next week between 4/8-4/12

UPDATE 4/12/18  - We apologize for the continued delay, with the increase in people submitting applications to the city it is taking longer for the city to process our application. We are looking at being open by 4/20, but will update if things change. We appreciate your patience while we work to enter the regulated market fully.  

UPDATE 4/22/18  - Unfortunately we were not able to open for 4/20, as it is taking a lot longer to get our temp license but we expect to get it within the next 10 to 15 days. As soon as we have that we will be opening, at which point we will send out a text blast to let everyone know we are open. Thank you for your continued patience while we go thru this process.

We apologize for the inconvenience. 



Adult Use
Effective January 1, 2018 the following charge will be added to all cannabis purchases as required by California law:

State of California Cannabis Tax           15.00% - included in price on menu
City of Sacramento Cannabis Tax            4.00% - shown on receipt
Sales and Use Tax                                            8.25% -  shown on receipt
City Neighborhood Impact Tax                 1.00% -  shown on receipt

Exemption for Medical Cannabis Card Holder: If you have a valid* Medical Cannabis ID card Issued by a county at the time of your purchase, then you are exempt from paying sales and use tax.

*Nine-digit ID number validation at: http://www.calmmp.ca.gov/MMIC_Search.aspx

Edible & Flower Changes
As our current stock runs out on flower as well as edibles there will be some changes.  We will no longer be able to sell flower that is not pre-packaged from a distributer. This will mean we will be limited to 1/8 packs and pre-rolls. Edibles will now be limited to 100mg per package, with 10mg servings that are scored and easy to dose.  These changes will take place as we sell out of our current inventory.

STC Alternative Healing is a Sacramento Medical Cannabis Delivery Service

STC Alternative Healing is a Cannabis delivery service prioritizing the needs of medical and recreational cannabis users. This Sacramento delivery service carries over 350 premium cannabis products, from strains to topical's designed to alleviate and eliminate discomfort. Friendly and reliable, the STC Alternative Healing team is committed to delivering high-quality Cannabis with peace of mind. 

The Sacramento delivery team at STC Alternative Healing is dedicated to providing superior customer service by going above and beyond to serve patients as well as recreational users. Their extensive training allows them to guide patients and recreational customers to the cannabis product that is just right for them, and are available to answer any questions. STC Alternative Healing aims to have the most resourceful staff where cannabis patients can request to see strains upon delivery and ask about products. 

STC Alternative Healing carries high-quality meds from expert growers. Their collection of organic, cultivated strains include Purple Punch, Royal OG, Hindu Kush, Grape Ape, Thai, Golden Pineapple, and OG Cheese. They carry concentrates extracted from top-shelf flower available in shatters and crumbles. Patients and recreational customers searching for an alternative way to medicate on-the-go can find an assortment of specially formulated vape pen cartridges. Their extensive selection of edibles includes a selection of over forty cookies, brownies, candies, gummies, sour belts, honey sticks, and CBD medicated pet products. 

First-time patients and recreational customers can sign up and place orders through STC Alternative Healing’s website, or by calling (916)-661-1542. We offer free delivery with a $50 minimum donation and currently only accept cash. Patients and recreational customers can rely on this fully compliant Sacramento delivery service to arrive with their meds within 30 minutes. 

Service Locations 
STC Alternative Healing proudly dispenses cannabis products to the non-banned residential communities within 20 miles of Sacramento.

Location Information 
Rich with history, the city of Sacramento sits at the confluence of the Sacramento River and the American River in the northern portion of California’s Central Valley. The Old Sacramento State Historic Park is always alive with shopping, entertainment, dining, historical attractions, and world-renowned museums dedicated to the California Gold Rush and the Transcontinental Railroad. The Wells Fargo History Museum located in the Historic Park features authentic documents, photographs, interactive exhibits, and artifacts like a telegraph where visitors can use to send messages to other Wells Fargo Museums around the country. From the historic shops to Sacramento’s many museums, STC Alternative Healing is proud to cater to their communities of medical cannabis patients. 

Delivery not available to parking lots/park cars.

Must be a 21+ with a valid ID OR 18+ with a valid Doctors Recommendation and photo ID.

 $50 min.

Featured Products

BlueBerry Haze Shatter *DISCOUNTED*

Blueberry Muffin Shatter *DISCOUNTED*

Candyland Shatter *DISCOUNTED*


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