STC Alternative Healing


License # C9-0000130-LIC





       Effective January 1, 2018 the following charge will be added to all cannabis purchases as required by California law: 


State of California Cannabis Tax           15.00% - included in price on menu


City of Sacramento Cannabis Tax            4.00% - included in price on menu 


City Neighborhood Impact Tax                 1.00% -  included in price on menu 


Sales and Use Tax                                        8.75% -  shown on receipt



      **Exemption for Medical Cannabis Card Holder: If you have a valid* Medical Cannabis ID card Issued by a county at the time of your purchase, then you are exempt from paying sales and use tax.   *Nine-digit ID number validation at:







       Due to the new regulated market there have been many changes to the way we are permited to sell cannabis and cannabis related goods. Here are a few things to be aware of:


*Going forward all flower will be pre-packaged into childproof containers. We currently offer grams(select strains), Eights, and pre-rolls.


*Edibles are now limited to 100mg per package, with each individual serving containing no more then 10mg. 


*Giving cannabis gifts/samples is now prohibited


*28.5 grams of dry cannabis & 8 grams of concentrate limit per day for recreational Patients.


*224 grams of cannabis per day for medical patients




Tax and Regulation Information