Silicone Concentrate Containers

These Silicone Non-Stick Concentrate Containers are made of food grade properties making it perfect for storing your desired concentrate without the oils, wax, or dabs sticking to the container wall! The great thing about these containers is that they can be washed and re-used as needed. - Heat resistant up to 450 degrees Freezer safe Microwave safe Dishwasher Safe Reusable.

THClear Battery and Charger Kit

THClear Co's Battery + Charger is the easy to use vape battery to allows you to connect your THClear Cartridge and vape away. Discrete, easy to use, and effective.

THClear Key Battery

Battery and charger all-in-one.

VVS Battery/Charger/Case - Silver

.510 thread, push button battery.

VVS Battery/Charger/Case - Gold

VVS Battery/Charger/Case - Gold

VVS Battery/Charger/Case - Rose Gold

.510 thread, push button battery.

Yocan Hive

All in one battery/Wax atomizer/refillable THC/CBD oil atomizer and works with .510 thread cartridges. The magnetic connector fits on any .510 cartridge as well as included wax and oil atomizers for any of your vaping needs!

Select Oils Battery

Inhale activated. Comes with standard USB charger – charges fully in 2 hours. LED lights continuously during inhale. 280 mAh charging capacity. 3.7V constant voltage output .510 Thread compatible.

Select Battery and Charger

Works with new Select cartridges - Not sure which batter to use with your Select Cartridge? Give us a call!!

Dab Tool w/ Carb Cap

The Titanium Carb Cap 14mm is the ultimate accessory needed for your medicated concentrates. The benefit of using a Titanium Carb Cap is to receive the full vaporization at the lowest temperatures.The cap has one hole which provides the user with proper airflow and prevents any pooling or puddling. The Titanium Cap comes with a attachable rod that's acts as the handle when the cap is screwed on.

Generic Dabber

Generic dabber

Americanna .510 Thread Battery/Charger

Works with .510 Thread Cartridges.