Elicit Labs Crumble - Blue Dream

Elicit Labs now offers its Blue Dream Crumble, a highly sought after Hybrid strain along the West Coast that will galvanize your mind and relax your body. This potent concoction is a full-bodied experience and it will make your pains, aches, and stresses disappear sooner than you can snap your fingers. One or two hits of this crumble and Elicit Labs will have you living the Blue Dream. Treat yourself to this crumble par excellence.

Krave Extracts Black Cherry Haze Crumble

Mid shelf crumble from Krave Extracts

Krave Extracts Jack Herer Crumble

Krave Extracts’ Jack Herer Crumble is named after the famous cannabis activist and author. A Sativa-dominant Hybrid with Skunk #1, Northern Lights #5, and Haze in its lineage, this strain has been extracted into a beautiful crumble. Great for providing energy throughout the day, creative swirls of euphoria will buzz through your head, letting you be social and task oriented.

Weird Science Labs Butter - Sour Diesel

Same great extracts from Weird Science Labs, now in a butter. great for daps or to top off a bowl. Total Cannabinoids: 75.96%