Jetty Extracts Dablicator - Zkittles

Discreet, clean and safe. Compact oil dispensing device contains 0.5g Zkittlez indica-driven concentrate made with cannabis terpenes. Sourced from the Santa Cruz Mountains, every batch is hand-crafted and tested for purity and potency.
**Dispensing oil is messy and imprecise but the Dablicatorâ„¢ keeps things real. A purse and pocket-friendly oil dispensing device containing Jetty Extracts' finest cannabis wax concentrate, simply twist and click to load the desired amount from the chamber to the metal tip. Each click indicates 0.01 g of oil. The chamber is made of durable plastic construction and the heat-resistant tip is safe for applying a dab to your joint, glass piece, or ingesting directly. No mess, no scary-looking syringes like in the old days. The takeaway: versatility and convenience with your choice of high-quality strains.

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